Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bring back Ummah!

"There are people in the dunya to whom  dust and wealth are just the same"-Salehuddin Al-Ayubi.

As I listened to this fantastic talk by Syaikh Zahir Mahmood, my impression and respect for Salehuddin had grown more and more. He's the one who seized back Al-Quds from the Crusader. He's not an Arab, not even a Palestinian. He's a Kurd. But because he truly believed that he's a Muslim, and as practicing Muslim, he knew that he should do something to take back what we have lost to the crusader at that time.

So let's ponder upon ourselves. What have we contribute to bring the Ummah back to Islam? I mean back to the real meaning of Islam. Why don't we have the same spirit as Salehuddin? We have almost everything today. We have internet, we have money (okay may be not too much) and the list goes on. But in a way we're lacking of something that we really need in spite of all related-to-dunya things. What is that something we really need? It's your task to figure it out. And may Allah brings us to the right conclusion. Ameen.

p/s : You will find the answer in the video. So I recommend you to spend your time to watch the video, because it's really worth it.

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